Move Along Inc. was established through a hero’s tragedy. Greg Callen suffered from a detrimental accident that left him tied to a wheelchair for the rest of life. Although it was a tragic incident that everybody wished didn’t happen, it was how Move Along was created. Callen, a t12 paraplegic, obtained doing business as (DBA) under the name Move Along Inc., and established a mission to assist individuals of all ages with disabilities the opportunity to be engaged with recreational activities and gain life skills and adapt to their conditions in August 28, 2005. Since then, the organization has harnessed the attention of many community members with inclusive programs in basketball, tennis and sled hockey. The goal of Move Along is to reach out to communities in the Central New York area and bring together families and friends that either are personally or know someone that are physically disabled. Another aspect that Move Along wants to develop is the connection with institutions like Syracuse University, where they can spread awareness of the program and recruit as many volunteers as possible.

Some of the past accomplishments include 2009 season of sled hockey, 2009-10 season of adult basketball and youth basketball. Move Along partnered with Syracuse University’s Tennity Ice Pavilion and created a sled hockey clinic. This clinic was able to attract over 35 attendees who participated on ice and was able to establish sled hockey as an annual recreational activity that members can participate in. As per basketball, Move Along created the program called, “Rebound” which is geared towards youth playing basketball in wheelchairs. Move Along was able to offer wheelchairs and competitive matchups for the participants. Last year’s program attracted volunteers from Syracuse University, The Wagners, The Leanords, Coach Cook, The O’Connell family and the Syracuse Boys and Girls Club.

In terms of sponsorship, Move Along has been able to get direct support from local businesses such as Wegmans, Cascade Helmet, and Eagle Beverage Company. Move Along is looking to gain more local sponsorships to assist in operational and equipment costs for the multiple recreational opportunities across the board. If you are interested to sponsor, please contact Greg Callen at (315) 374-0082 or e-mail greg@movealong.techgeekery.net.

Thank you for all the support thus far and we are looking forward to expand Move Along in the Syracuse community. Move Along asks you to help by making a gracious donation to help the people who are physically disabled be able to participate in our programs. All donations are made payable to following address.

Move Along Inc.

P.O Box 5220

Oswego, NY 13126

We thank you for your donations and we hope to see you at one of our programs!