Wheelchair Basketball Program

 Sept 27, 2019!

Our rebound youth program enables young athletes to play the game of wheelchair basketball while improving their motor skills and physical well being. This program offers a non-competitive atmosphere which fosters teamwork and friendship building skills. This program is inclusive, so your friends are welcome to join you to learn some new skills & have some fun together!

Many of our adult wheelchair basketball players will come to our practices as peer mentors.

This program is designed to teach basic basketball skills and focuses on coordination development. Each practice starts with a stretching and a motivational talk from the coach. Then the participants work on skill building activities and team building activities. At the end of each practice, the participants and their families participate in a game of sharks and minnows (similar to tag) after which everyone rallies together to highlight the lessons learned in this session.

This program runs for eight weeks or more during the fall, winter, and spring.

We would like to thank the Fulton School District for sponsoring this event!

Granby Elementary School
400 West Seventh Street
North Fulton, NY 13069

Cost: $5 per session or $25 for the series (Fall, Winter, & Spring each)

Times: 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm  

Season: There are three 8 week programs (Fall, Winter, and Spring)

Check out our Move Along calendar for current program dates

For Questions Contact:

Tracy Cavalier                 or      Jennifer Mays
(315) 806-3769                         (315) 561-0223
[email protected]         [email protected]